Pet injuries, diets and tooth brushing questions get answers on Ask A Vet

The Michigan Humane Society’s guidelines help you keep your pet healthy and strong

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Q: What is the best way to introduce brushing teeth and if that doesn’t work out well; are there alternatives?

A: It’s good to start brushing animals’ teeth when they are young to get them used to it. Cats are harder than dogs. It’s a good idea to get animal dental cleaning when you visit your vet or use dental chews.

Q: A dog was outside and got injured somehow, possibly by a branch. The owner didn’t put anything on it. Should the owner just let it heal on its own?

A: The best thing is to take your pet to the vet when they have an injury or infection.

Q: Which one is the best, grain-free diets or regular formulas?

A: They have linked a grain-free diet to heart disease in dogs. There isn’t a big benefit to a grain-free diet. Pick a pet food manufacturer that has a veterinarian on staff.

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