Make everyone glad you ordered Happy’s Pizza for your big game party

Pizza, salad, and wings! All the essentials for a great party.

This segement is sponsored by Happy’s Pizza

Throwing a big party for the big game? What about a small get-together? Instead of missing out on major plays during the game because you’re cooking in the kitchen, Happy’s Pizza will bring the party to you. John Naemi from Happy’s Pizza joined Jason Carr to show off some of the delicious foods you can offer guests.

Naemi says Happy’s Pizza has something everyone will enjoy, whether you want a full slab of ribs and fries to fresh salads made fresh to order. Don’t forget their pizzas where you can get a ton of different toppings, and wings, you can get them boneless or traditional, which are always a hit. They also have other menu items like seafood and desserts! If you need plates and utensils, they can provide that for you as well. There are 67 Happy’s Pizza locations all over metro Detroit.

For more information, go to happyspizza.com.

Check out the video above to see the full spread!

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