The perks at this Pontiac company are amazing! Here’s how you can work there.

They have a basketball court, arcade games and more!

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Good health insurance, vacation days, a 401K, these are the benefits most people look for when searching for a job, but that is just scratching the surface at United Shore, the nation’s number 1 wholesale mortgage lender. This Pontiac company has a workplace that could rival that of Google or Apple with all of their in-office perks. They’ve got a basketball court, an in-house Starbucks, an arcade room, a convenience store, even a gym! Plus, get this, part of their training involves an escape room! The best part is that the people there really love their jobs.

“You have a rewarding job, you’re making a difference in people’s lives,” explains Hussein Elatat, the AVP Underwriting Division Leader at United Shore. "You’re working with family.

Business Specialist for Underwriting, Laura Howe, adds, “I love all the people I work with here. My leader is amazing, it’s absolutely fantastic!”

As they put it, a lot of what makes United Shore a fun place to work is the culture, something CEO Mat Ishbia put a lot of thought into.

“We know the business is all about people. The difference is a lot of companies focus on profits, or what can we do to make more money, we focus on what can we do to serve our team members better,” said Ishbia. “We coach our people, we help them become the best version of themselves, we create opportunities, we do work-life balance. They’ll take care of our clients and our clients will give us more business, and that is kind of how we focus our business.”

Terms like team members and coach are sports analogies that run rampant at United Shore, and that’s because Ishbia likes to run his office like a team, a basketball team to be precise. Ishbia played on Michigan State University’s basketball team under Coach Tom Izzo from 1998 to 2002 and also coached with him for a year. During that time Ishbia learned a lot about how to motivate people and create a winning team and he brought those principles to his business, growing it from 12 employees to over 5,000.

Motivating people, however, is not just about cool perks. They are all about working hard and playing hard. They’ve implemented what they call a Firm 40 where team members are encouraged to work hard for 40 hours a week and then head home and enjoy their time off. Employees are encouraged to take their vacation time, their hour lunch, and in general, have a good work-life balance.

Part of making that a reality is providing things to make team members’ lives easier and more convenient. Need to get your clothes dry cleaned? They have a service that will pick them up at work. Feeling sick? Go see their in-house doctor. Hair getting a bit long? Visit the salon. Want to get your workout in before work? They have a full gym. Plus, their large cafeteria has lots of delicious options from pizzas, salads, and sandwiches to a create-your-own smoothie bar.

So maybe you’re wondering: What do I need to get a job here? Well, according to Mat Ishbia, he doesn’t need you to have experience, he’s looking for a good work ethic and attitude.

“People that want to walk by and say hello, people who want to take the positive view instead of the negative view, people who say ‘I don’t know that, but I am going to ask questions and learn.’ I really believe that knowledge is a commodity that we can teach, but work ethic and attitude, heart, that is what we look for,” said Ishbia.

To learn more about the opportunities at United Shore and how you could work there, visit their website: unitedshore.com.

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