6 ways to have fun and beat the cabin fever!

Live In The D takes a look at some fun and educational toys

When it’s too cold to play outside, but you don’t want your family glued to screens what do you do? Local mom blogger Kristen Baffo joined host Jason Carr to showcase some ideas the whole family can enjoy.

The first toy, called the OllyBall is a soft, unbreakable ball that kids can play with in the house!

For the younger kids Baffo brought in a textured memory game. Children can use their sight and touch to get the cylinders back in place. This games helps with language and memory.

If you have children who love playing with trucks, IplayIlearn construction series is another way kids can enjoy imaginative play while having fun. It helps evolve children’s motor skills and shape recognition.

Remember taking dominoes and lining them all up just to see them fall? Well, Veritplay is a stem based toy that allows your child to tap into their inner engineer. You can hang Vertiplay on your wall and watch your child come up with all different types of Rube Goldberg style traps.

Baffo also brought in StoryBlocks. StoryBlocks are building blocks with a purpose. You and your child can sit for hours as you build items while reading along with the story.

Last but not least is a fully functional golf set. Not only does it light up, it also has many ways it can be put together as it improves a child’s hand-eye coordination and encourages creative play.

To see how they work, watch the video above.