They slither and hiss, but they aren’t that scary!

REPCO Wildlife shows how nice snakes can be

No need to be afraid! Snakes look scary, but they can be very helpful to humans. We learned a lot about our slithery friends ahead of National Serpent Day this Saturday.

Hosts Tati Amare and Jason Carr spoke to Crystal Poyfair, owner of REPCO Wildlife and Seth Poyfair, the Assistant Director, about one of the most feared animals on the planet, snakes!

REPCO Wildlife featured an African Black House Snake named Midnight, a Ball Python named Booster, and an Albino Granite Burmese Python that Jason nicknamed “The Tati Eater”, but his real name is Monty.

Crystal told viewers the biggest myth about snakes is they are slimy. Snakes have dry skin so the slimy feeling can be the sweat from a human’s hand. Many people also believe all snakes are venomous, but only about 300 to 600 snakes are venomous out of approximately 3,600 snakes around the world. About 200 snakes are medically significant to humans. Their venom can treat Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and other diseases.

Watch the video to learn more about snakes.

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