You can pick which ad airs during the big game

Bud Light has two new commercials and can’t decide which one to air

You may remember the Bud Light Super Bowl commercial that won us all over with it’s popular catchphrase “Dilly, Dilly!" Well now Bud Light has two brand new commercials and their not sure which one to pick from.

Host Jason Carr spoke with Andy Goeler, Vice President of marketing for Bud Light, via satellite about the two commercials. Both of the ads feature rapper Post Malone tasting their new flavored Bud Light Seltzers. The company says it couldn’t decide which one to air during the big game, so it decided to release them both online and let the people choose.

Goeler says you never really know just what the fans are going to gravitate too. Advertisers want to make sure their spots are entertaining, but carry the message of their values.

If you want to cast your vote simply go to their website.

To see which commercial you may be voting for click on the video above.