Who says you can’t paddle board during the winter?

Luna SUP Yoga offers an calm yet intense way to get fit and gives you a taste of summer

Bloomfield Hills – Want to get fit for the summer, but also find your zen? Luna SUP Yoga might be just the thing for you! If you don’t know what it is, SUP, or stand up paddle boarding, is a popular water sport where you glide along the water on a long surfboard. Since it is the dead of winter, Luna Moon brings the boards inside and basic yoga moves are done on them. Owner Misty Markham says this is not just an unusual way to practice yoga, but also a way to learn a water sport that you might not have tried before.

Markham teaches these classes both on land and water. The land classes are at Zen Movement Studio in Bloofield Hills, and the water classes are at the Waterford Pool and Fitness Center. Both give you the experience of being out on the lake and the full body workout that will have you ready for the summer heat. Classes are available weekdays and weekends.

Check out the intense yoga moves you can do on the board.

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