Become an “In-Home Hero” by fostering a pet

Michigan Humane Society is looking for foster parents for pets waiting to be adopted

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There are so many ways a pet’s life can change for the better. One way is to adopt or send a donation to the Michigan Humane Society (MHS). However, there is another way you can show you care, by becoming a part of the foster care program. Multiple pets have found homes thanks to the Michigan Humane Society’s In-Home Hero foster care program and it’s simple to join. Anna Chrisman of MHS joined Jason Carr to discuss the program and to highlight another pet looking for a forever home.

Chrisman said the In-Home Hero program helps animals who need a little more TLC than normal; it helps them get used to being in a loving home and helps MHS with housing in-coming pets. It’s a win-win for both the pet and the owner: The pet gets comfortable around a new family and the owner gains experience as a pet owner. The program includes all adoptable pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, as well as dogs and cats. Many of the animals are recovering from illnesses or bouncing back from behavioral issues, so extra love and attention is key. All supplies are provided by the Michigan Humane Society.

One of the possible adoptable pets includes Riku, a 4-year-old American Cross guinea pig, who’s looking for a relaxed forever home. He likes attention and to be held, so if you are a first-time guinea pig parent, Riku is for you!

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