February is Dental Health Month for pets

Michigan Humane Society describes how you can keep your pets healthy by taking care of their teeth

Dental Health for pets  on Live in the D
Dental Health for pets on Live in the D

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When is the last time your pet’s teeth were cleaned? February is Dental Health Month for pets!

Host Jason Carr spoke to Anna Chrisman from the Michigan Humane Society about the importance of caring for your pet’s teeth.

80% of dogs and cats 3-years-old and up have dental disease. This is a very high percentage so many pets need their teeth looked at by a veterinarian to make sure they are in the best health possible. Even though brushing your pet’s teeth can be hard, brushing is just as critical for pets as humans.

Anna didn’t just bring in helpful tips she also brought in 11-year-old Mr.Fluffy Pants. The pitbull is an energetic, fun boy looking for a forever home.

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