Put a little color in your date night at Painting With A Twist

Make beautiful art with your love and enjoy wine and snacks too!

Painting with a twists on Live in the D
Painting with a twists on Live in the D

Ferndale – Want to try something really different for Valentine’s Day? Or maybe you just want a fun night out with friends. Painting With A Twist is a nice way to put a spark and some color into your night out. They hold “Date Night” classes where a couple will paint a two-pane picture that goes together like a yin and yang.

Couples can also bring adult beverages and snacks to enjoy while painting. The classes last a couple of hours and there are breaks long the way where you can mingle with other couple, or even play ice-breaker games for prizes. At the end of the class, you have a beautiful piece of artwork to hang up and quite possibly a new love for painting.

There are several Painting With A Twist locations in and around Detroit, and classes range around $40 per painter.

Check out the video to see how you can create a lovely piece of artwork!

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