This program is giving people a second chance at life.

An inspiring program is spreading love through the community by providing returning citizens a way back into the workforce

Love isn’t just connected to romance. Love can simply be opening your heart to a stranger and giving a neighbor a hand.

Host Tati Amare sat down with Founder and Director of STEAP (The Skilled Trade Enrollment Assistance Program) Dino Vann, Jr. to discuss his innovative program.

After a few wrong turns in his 20′s Dino found himself incarcerated. When he was ready to re-join the workforce he noticed how hard it was. Once a friend pointed him to a program that allowed him to become an iron worker he realized that he had the skills to start a program of his own.

STEAP is a program designed to help citizens returning from incarceration, by offering guidance and reinforcement before they go back into the job market. Vann believes that nobody is perfect and everyone deserves a second chance. He started the program in 2016 to address issues that halted under-represented members of the community from getting trade jobs. STEAP is a free program that offers training and assessments for those wanting to go into the skilled trades industry. By bridging the gap between the need for skilled trade workers and unemployed citizens STEAP has created valuable assets to the workforce and the community.

STEAP has received support from the community and the skilled trade community. Vann says he was given a second chance to turn his life around and if he was able to be better he wants to give that chance to others.

To see more about the positive work STEAP is doing click on the video above.