This “darling” artist and her band are serving up music for the soul

Live In The D explores alternative soul with Dani Darling for Music Monday

Live in the D: Music Monday-Dani Darling
Live in the D: Music Monday-Dani Darling

Hosts Tati Amare and Kim DeGiulio discussed alternative soul with artist Dani Darling. Darling said she has always been into music and how it touches your soul. Her love for music and her fascination with the stars led her to use the name Soul Galaxy Girl on social media. The group is originally from Ann Arbor, but Darling says the Detroit scene has been very welcoming to her music. When it comes to her musical inspirations, Darling says she love Radiohead, Ella Fitzgerald and Sade.

Dani Darling and her band will be playing live at this year’s Hamtramck Music Festival on Saturday February 29th and Whiskey In The Jar.

To see Dani Darling and her band perform, click on the video above.