Get answers from the vet about the care of your pet

The Michigan Humane Society offers veterinary care services for your furry friends

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We love pets - dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs- you get the idea, and at Live in the D we invite our friends from the Michigan Humane Society to come on the show and answer our viewer questions about their pets. The answers may help you with your pet as well! Today Dr. Lara Silveri joined us to answer some of them.

Q: When is the best age to neuter your pup?

A: For male dogs, we recommend around 6 to 9 months unless they show some behavior issues like urinating on things. Then you may have to do it a little earlier. As for female dogs, they should be spayed at least by the age of 6 months so they don’t go through their first heat cycle. It’s important for female dogs to be spayed early to reduce their risk of mammary cancer.

Q: What’s the best way to calm down your pet?

A: Some people think that letting your pet run around the yard is enough to get their energy out but they need more activity. We recommend an hour run or walk a day. Something newer that we’ve been doing is incorporating puzzle toys to keep the dog’s mind active. They have so many different things available in pet stores that can keep them distracted. You have to be creative!

Q: What is the best way to clean the inside of a dog’s ear?

A: Some dogs don’t need their ears cleaned. A big thing that’s been online is using apple cider vinegar or peroxide in dog’s ears and that’s a big no-no. Instead, get an ear cleaner from the vet that you squirt it in the dog’s ear and it will drain out when they shake their head because of the structure of their ear.

The Michigan Humane Society has veterinary care services at their locations in Westland, Rochester Hills, Howell and Detroit. To learn more about the services they offer, and to make an appointment, visit their website michiganhumane.org.

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