Strut your stuff while celebrating the diversity of fashion

Michigan Fashion Week gives you a chance to show your style during a week full of events

It’s your turn to style the runway during Michigan Fashion Week.

Host Tati Amare spoke with Michigan Fashion Week Founder & CEO Loren Hicks about the events leading up to the Michigan Fashion Week Showcase.

One event is about upcycling fashion. Gena Culler-Green talked about saving money and saving the environment by upcycling old or damaged clothing. Why throw it away when you can make a customized outfit?

Another event is all about makeup. Celebrity makeup artist, Marvin Dixon showed how highlighters and blush can be multi-purposed. The makeup model, Arielle Morgan from 955 Mojo in the Morning, showed off an everyday look with a hint of shine from the highlighter to add some glam.

The grand event is the Michigan Fashion Week International Couture Showcase and Expo. To showcase this event, the models showed off their outfits inspired by art and technology. The outfits were designed by Archana Aneja and Chioma Onukwuire.

Here’s a list of all the fun events you can attend during Michigan Fashion week.

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