3 Places that make Detroit home for The Michigan Chronicle’s AJ Williams

AJ shares her go-to places around town and where she gets all those awesome outfits!

You may recognize AJ and her signature pink pixie cut from our What’s Happening Around the D segment on Live in the D. Or perhaps you read her work with “The Michigan Chronicle, ” where she is the Managing Editor. Or maybe you checked out her website, singleblackchick.com, or have picked up a copy of her book. Regardless of where you know her from, you can tell AJ is the quintessential “girl about town,” in the most unique way possible. She also happens to be a proud Detroiter, saying she loves the grit of our city.

“When I think about Detroit being home for me, I think about - I know this is going to sound crazy - but gully... Detroit might be a little rough around the edges but we’re loyal, we’re committed, we’re dedicated,” said AJ.

So what makes Detroit home to her? She shared three places that she thinks everyone should check out.

Avalon International Breads at 422 W Willis St.

What AJ says: “First of all when you get in here it’s just warm. You walk in and there’s bread baking, and it’s not like your traditional pastry chef/jacket... it’s real people that are committed from the neighborhood, and committed to working here and committed to being a part of the city.” Her favorite thing to get there is a cup of coffee and a slice of quiche.

Flo Boutique at 404 W Willis St.

What AJ says: “She has such a mix of different things that you want from clothing, to jewelry, to accessories, it’s black-owned, which I’m always very supportive of. So you’re going to find things that are super, super unique, which, as you can tell with me and my pink hair, unique is my thing - and I love it. I love the customer service, I love the feel of it. It’s very small but very intimate which, I think, really reflects a lot about Detroit.”

The Griot at 66 E Forest Ave.

What AJ says: “I love The Griot because it’s so chill but they play all the old school music. If you want to go Friday after a rough week, you can go in and just chill and it’s really kind of like my Cheers, They literally make you feel like family when you come in."

So what makes Detroit home for you?

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