Go on a sweet adventure in Northville

Maybury Farm showcases its freshly farmed syrups

There’s nothing better than hot cup of coffee to get your day started, but what if you started it with a fresh batch of hot maple syrup?

Rachel Terry, the Maybury Farm team lead for educational tours and events, joined host Jason Carr to discuss how they tap their maple trees and turn the sap into syrup. Terry explains that they harvest the sap from the trees and it doesn’t come out thick and amber colored, it actually comes out clear like water. Once you boil down the sap to raise the sugar content it turns into the classic sweet syrup we’re used to seeing.

The farm is allowing people in the community to come and see first hand how they harvest and prepare syrup. The non-profit educational farm runs tours every Saturday and Sunday for the month of March. Tours run every half hour from 1:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m..

To learn more about Maybury Farm’s tours, click on the video above.