Don’t wait for spring, bring spring to you.

Starting a garden from seed in your home is easier than you think.

Gardening with Michigan State on Live in the D
Gardening with Michigan State on Live in the D

Host Tati Amare discovered her green thumb while discussing starting a garden from seeds with Deirdre Hope, a program instructor with the Michigan State Extension.

March 12th is Plant A Flower Day and Hope says the best way to get started is by doing your research. Read catalogs to find out what kind of seeds you want to plant and what kind of care they need. To get your garden started you need to start with a soil that drains well. Once the soil is prepped you can use a biodegradable cup or you can use any recyclable containers or cups to host your plant. The seeds that you choose will then go into the cup about halfway through the soil. Make sure to have plenty of overhead light and a fan to keep air movement. A fan guards the seedlings against any plant diseases. Hope stresses to read your seed packet to determine if the plant will bloom inside or will bloom outside.

To learn more about how you can start your garden click on the video above.