This popular Detroit restaurant is creating beverages as exotic as the food

Sip on award-winning flavors at Flowers Of Vietnam

Flowers of Vietnam bar on Live in the D
Flowers of Vietnam bar on Live in the D

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Flowers Of Vietnam is creating quite a stir with its Asian fusion cuisine and has award-winning drinks to match. Marlowe Johnson, Beverage Director for the popular Detroit restaurant won top honors at the Death’s Door Gin competition with his cocktail, Piano Wave Mix and he shared the recipe with Jason Carr. Johnson says he likes using Death’s Door Gin, calling it a great American liquor that came out of the craft cocktail boom. He also likes how the three ingredients, juniper, coriander and fennel seeds, take a basic foundation for a drink and makes it even better.

When making Piano Wave Mix, Marlowe uses Death’s Door Gin, Yuzu Pomelo honey, a floral tincture, lime acid and Vietnamese sea salt. He said you can mix all off the ingredients before you’re ready to pour so the flavors can marry, then add ice and shake. Johnson serves this in a broth bowl that has a large ice cube in it, then he adds edible flowers for presentation.

You can try Piano Wave Mix and other cocktails from Flowers of Vietnam, which is located at 4440 West Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI

Watch Johnson make another popular cocktail from the restaurant above.

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