How one Detroit woman used her intuition to beat cancer

Nicole Pettiway says finding her voice helped her take control of her health

Getting diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer was the wake up call Nicole Pettiway needed to take control of her health. After getting her diagnoses, doctors told her that she needed surgery, chemo, and radiation. Nicole’s intuition, however, told her she could do something else. After doing some research, she found that a change in diet could help her cancer and it did! Today, Nicole is now cancer-free, much to the surprise of her doctors.

After sitting down with Mitch Albom for “Heart of Detroit”, Nicole stopped by Live In The D to talk to Jason Carr and Tati Amare about her journey and how she is using it to help inspire others. Nicole told them about her new diet which is plant based and free of processed food. She also spoke about her new company called The Health and Wealth Company. The company is designed to help others be their own advocates and learn about living a healthier lifestyle. She says the key to this lifestyle is self-care, something she is aware people fall short on, because of their busy lives. She also says listening to our gut is crucial and not that difficult because our bodies talk to us, similar to how our cars notify us when they are not working properly.

To learn more about Nicole, her diet and The Health and Wealth Company, watch the video above.

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