Song writing prodigy unveils first single

TIDAL artist Emma Guzman graces talks about working with Jay-Z’s company

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Host Jason Carr and Tati Amare had the pleasure of welcoming TIDAL artist Emma Guzman to the studio to sing her first single live in studio. Guzman is one of five local artist to receive a grant from Jay-Z’s streaming service TIDAL.

The Metro Detroit Times called Guzman a song writing prodigy. When she started the online process she was unsure how far she would go, and once she met with Tidal Unplugged’s representatives they chose her. Detroit is the first place that TIDAL’s Unplugged program started to look for talent to build up their program. Under the grant, Guzman will release three new songs. The music of Towns Van Zandt, a folk singer, has been a huge inspiration for Guzman and she’s excited to share her music with the world.

To see more of Emma Guzman click on the video above.