Here are fun projects to do with the kids at home

Entertain the kids with items you already have in the house

If you’re a parent you have probably heard the phrase “I’m bored” repeatedly over the past few days.

Host Jason Carr and Tati Amare got some good advice from Kerry Doman, Founder and CEO of Little Guide Detroit, on how to keep the kid busy.

Using everyday household items can turn you and your kids into scientists. One game Doman introduced is a way to show kids why we have to wash our hands. Have your child place their finger in a bowl of peppered water. They will notice that nothing happens but once you put some soap on your finger and do the same thing, the pepper magically backs away showing that dirt cannot survive the soap. It’s a great visual to show them just why it’s so important to wash your hands. And that’s just one of the many crafts you can do while in the house.

To see more amazing experiments you can do at home click on the video above.