Take a look at how they make these beautiful tiles

No two tiles are exactly alike

Ann Arbor – What started off as a small operation in Nawal Motawi's garage has now grown to more than 12,000 square feet and more than 20 employees. It's called Motawi Tileworks, and they focus on making beautiful one-of-a kind tiles.

"You start off very spread out and the piles[of tiles] are kind of low, and as you fill the place up the shelves get stacked higher and higher and pretty soon you are working in what feels like canyons and so when the garage was canyons, it was time to move," Motawi said.

Even though they are now a much bigger operation, they still make every tile by hand.

To see how they are made and learn more about the story behind Motawi Tileworks, watch the video above.

Motawi Tileworks is located at 170 Enterprise Drive in Ann Arbor, near the Dexter border.

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