Have fun with your pets with these fun games

Kila Peeples shows us some human games you can play with your pets.

You may be home playing lots of board games with your family and kids, and with some games your pets can join in on the fun.

Kila Peeples showed how games that are traditionally played by humans, can also be fun for your pets. Plus, they might learn a trick or two.

The first game she played was Pie Face with her dog, Hank. In the game, you spin the dial to find out how many times you have to click the lever. Then it’s up to fate. as to who gets pie (whipped cream) in the face. While it’s a little messy, the fun and laughs are endless.

Next she played Tic Tac Toe with her cat, Minnie. It can be a bit tricky to play. She found that a little cat nip can get her involved in the game.

Not only is this fun and silly, it helps with training your pet with basic commands(i.e. how to sit, stay, shake a paw).

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