Another one for your list - Greg Russell’s favorite pizza place!

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because it is!

Downtown Detroit – Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many restaurants are temporarily closing, but that just means it’s a perfect time to update your list of restaurants you want to try when we are finally past all of this. For our movie reviewer, Greg Russell, Brass Rail Pizza Bar in Downtown Detroit takes the slice.

Whether you are in town for a game or looking to grab a quick slice after work, the Brass Rail is a great place to go to enjoy some 'za, and its central location is just one of the things Greg loves about this place.

"Just the ingredients they use, it is all fresh, everything is fresh daily," explained Greg. "So it is really, you know, just the work that they put into it to make sure that everything is delicious."

He’s also been longtime friends with the owners, the Yono family. The Yono family first got their start in the hospitality industry when Randy Yono’s father first came to America in 1969. Ever since then the family has run everything from hotels to restaurants. They have owned the spot at 18 West Adams in Detroit for a while. They first opened it as R.U.B. BBQ and after a good run, they wanted to change things up and decided to go for, what Randy termed as, “America’s comfort food - pizza” opening Brass Rail Pizza Bar in 2017.

Now, if the name “Brass Rail” sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because it is. Brass Rail was the name of a popular bar in Detroit in the 60′s and 70′s. They had three locations throughout the city, one of them being in the same building as the current Brass Rail. The Yonos wanted to bring back the name and make it a gathering place once more.

"They're telling me, they've got the best pizza in town," said Greg, recounting his first time at Brass Rail. "Which, by being from Detroit, that is saying a lot; so I was like, 'show me,' and they did."

Brass Rail Pizza Bar serves up a variety of different pizzas, including several specialty pizzas like their popular “Wakey Wakey,” which features steak, breakfast potatoes, bacon, and eggs. They have other staples too, like burgers, salads, and pasta.

Brass Rail Pizza Bar is currently closed temporarily, but they are located at 18 West Adams in downtown Detroit.

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