Get a taste of France delivered to your door!

The food will have you dining in bliss

West Bloomfield – Looking for a dish that will whisk you away to Paris and have you dining in pure bliss? Well, there is a restaurant in West Bloomfield where you can do just that, and they are still open for delivery and carry-out. Yakov Fleysher is the owner and executive chef at this quaint French restaurant, Bistro Le Bliss.

"My first soup I made, I was 5 years old,[sic]" explained Yakov. " I don't know how good it was. My father ate it, I don't know if he liked it or not, but all my life I've been cooking. My family, my relatives were saying, 'Oh Yakov, you are going to grow up, you're going to be a chef and you're going to have your own restaurant.' [sic]"

So when he moved to America from Latvia, in 1995, he got a job in a restaurant. He worked his way up from dishwasher and eventually left to create his first restaurant, Cafe Rendezvous. Then, in 2018 he opened up Bistro le Bliss, within 2 miles of his first place.

"I've lived and worked in this area for over 20 years," said Yakov. "I have an open kitchen so I know my clientele. I know how they like it, how they want it."

His food is partially inspired by the restaurant’s rustic, bistro-like decor. He serves mostly French food, like his filet mignon topped with Foie Gras and a mushroom bordelaise sauce, but you can also get a taste of his Eastern European background with some of his soups. Plus, he gave his menu a West Bloomfield twist. A great example of that is his French onion soup which he makes with a matzah ball.

Bistro le Bliss is located at 6540 Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield. They are currently open for carry-out and delivery through DoorDash.

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