These fathers are finding ways to look fabulous!

Jon Jordan showcases designs just for dads

Dads do a lot. They help kill spiders, take out the smelly trash, open pickle jars and so much more. Because they have so much on their plate they may skip the latest fashion trends and go for something simple like jeans and a t-shirt. Jon Jordan joins host Tati Amare to showcase styles that all dads can enjoy.

Jon Jordan replaced model-dad Scott’s simple orange,college t-shirt and plain jeans for a plaid blazer with a light pink button up shirt. The Tommy Hilfiger blazer and shirt is paired with navy blue pants. The outfit is simple but chic, taking Scott from dad to plaid!

Dad Darryl was comfortable in his black and red jumpsuit, but Jon Jordan says Darryl can keep the comfort and upgrade the look. Darryl’s new look consists of a loose, flowing button down shirt with a crisp, white t-shirt underneath. His white linen blazer sets off the rest of the look. Jon Jordan says that the new outfit keeps the same comfortable feel and turns heads at the same.

Sporty dad Mike upgraded his athletic look by replacing his jeans, t-shirt and cap for a denim jacket, black track pants and a white polo. Del, a dad whose outfit was lacking in color, upgraded his look by wearing a festive yellow jacket with a pale blue button down. His white pants and pale yellow shoes take him from drab to fab. Jon Jordan says dads shouldn’t be afraid to wear color and experiment with their look.

To view more upgrades click on the video above.