Michelle picks 10 memorable Dine In The Ds

Get ready to eat with your eyes


Michelle here! So as I mentioned in the blog I wrote for our newsletter (What? You are not subscribed to our Live in the D newsletter? Let me do a shameless plug and ask that you subscribe to it here) I get asked, “What’s your favorite Dine in the D?”. Frequently, I will just tell them about the Dine in the D I did most recently, or I will ask what kind of food they like, so I can recommend a place more specific to their tastes. The thing is, it’s kind of like asking, “who is your favorite child?” I spend a lot of time with all these restaurants, and they all have something fun that makes them stand out. It’s too hard to pick! So here are the ones that stand out to me.

The Restaurant Whose Designer I Want To Decorate My House The Most - The Fed

So there is a very popular design firm for restaurants called Ron and Roman. If you ever walk into a restaurant and are like “Wow, this place looks so cool. It’s like something out an interior design magazine” it’s typically their’s (So a shout out to the many restaurants they have designed, they are beautiful!). When I first walked into the relaxed, boho-chic, softly lit, straight off my Pinterest board place that is The Fed, I thought for sure Ron And Roman designed it, but they didn’t! That credit goes to Sarah Schneider, one of the owner’s of this family-run place. To add to her awesome design handiwork, the building itself is very cool since it used to be an old bank building. The old vaults have been transformed into private dining areas. To see what I am talking about, watch the video here.

The Biggest Slice - Big Al’s Pizzeria

Here their slices are bigger than an extra-large pizza! Do you see that picture of me holding up a giant slice of pizza at the top of the page? I got that at Big Al’s Pizzeria. How do you even eat a slice that big?

The Restaurant That Went Viral In Another Country - Hungarian Rhapsody

After I posted the video for Hungarian Rhapsody on Facebook and saw it starting to get a lot of views. I was excited! When I looked at some of the comments and saw I couldn’t read many of them, I got interested. Turns out the owners, who are extremely kind and generous, shared the video with their friends and family in Hungary and it TOOK OFF! I think it had about half a million views when I last checked, and many of them are in Hungary.

Most Photogenic Food - M Cantina

Do you have a friend that never looks bad? Where every picture ever taken of them looks like it was taken for a magazine? And they are super nice to boot? Well, that is the food at M Cantina. Chef Junior Merino’s food is plated to perfection. Everything looks tasty. His deserts are pieces of art, and their drinks are an experience to behold.

The Restaurant That is Really 3 in 1 - New Seoul Plaza

This is one of my executive producer Tammy’s favorite restaurants, and after I went there I know why! New Seoul Plaza is three Korean restaurants in one. There is Jinji, which is a classic Korean restaurant serving up bibimbap and hot pots. If you like to follow the trends and want to try the popular Korean BBQ, then slide on into Daebak. For dessert, or a coffee and sweet treat, they have Myomee, a Korean cafe. You could eat here from lunch onward and be happy!

The Restaurant You Want To Order From Ahead Of Time - Arkin’s Sweet BBQ

This place has some of the best BBQ in the area, and I am not the only one who thinks that. Arkin’s Sweet BBQ constantly has long lines and frequently sells out of their freshly smoked meats. That’s why I say order what you want well ahead of time. This is worth the wait.

The Dine In The D That’s A Feast For Your Eyes - Le Culture Cafe

Not only is their food something to go gaga over (lobster mac and cheese anyone?), but the history of the place is so fascinating. Check it out here.

Most Unique Ethnic Food - Maty’s African Cuisine

There are not a ton of African restaurants in the Detroit area, and Maty’s African Cuisine is specific to Senegal. Their chicken yasa is unlike any other chicken I have had before. It’s a whole chicken that they cook 3 ways - boiled, fried, and grilled. It is coated in what they call their “magic sauce” and that is the perfect name for it. It is soooooo gooood.

The Classic to Standby - Scotty Simpson’s Fish and Chips

Jason Carr is the reason I first went to Scotty Simpson’s Fish and Chips, and I am so glad he took us all there. The spot is a classic, having been around since 1950, and it is for a good reason, they know how to make some good fish and chips!

Most Unique Flavors You Can Make Into Donut - Donut Bar + Coffee

If you think it is tasty on its own, just wait, the Donut Bar + Coffee will make it into a delicious donut! Flavors of their’s include cannoli, tres leches, fruity pebbles, S’mores, cherry pie, cotton candy and more! They are always doing specials too!

And one more because this list “goes up to 11”....

The Place You Most Want to Take Your Mom - Gateaux Patisserie

This tea house and patisserie will make you feel like you are in France. The decor is super-delicate and elegant, and the desserts are works of art. Every time I go in there I want to bring my mom, grandma, girlfriends... you get the picture, or better yet, watch the video.