He’s my best friend...

How Kila Peeples’ dog Hank has become a familiar face in the D

Game time with your pets at home on Live in the D with Kila Peeples
Game time with your pets at home on Live in the D with Kila Peeples

Pets are our babies. For me, I have FOUR!! Three cats and a dog named Hank. He’s a 9 year-old Pit/Lab mix and he is every bit of his name. Strong. Protective. A bit of a goof ball. But I knew from the moment I saw him, he was special. I am happy that he gets to be a small part of the show sometimes because now all of the D can see what a cool cat, err dog he truly is.

I got Hank when he was 2 years old, and he had a tough beginning, but you would have never known it. He was gentle at our initial meeting, and I saw something in his eyes that just cried out pick me and feed me treats! So I did, and Hank became my little boy.

Kila Peeples and her dog Hank
Kila Peeples and her dog Hank (2020 WDIV)

Since joining the Live In The D family, Hank, and some of his sisters, have been featured in a segment or two. My middle cat, Nala, was used to show spring grooming techniques, begrudgingly. But Hank was the star of his own piece, visiting Bow Wow Baketique in Grosse Pointe Woods. Now I know that people say working with kids and pets can be difficult, but Hank is a consummate professional. He posed, he sat still, he looked at the camera when he was supposed to. The owner and I were so impressed, myself more bewildered. How come he never does that at home when I‘m watching reality shows, eating tacos? Who knows, but after that, viewers started asking about Hank.

Hank The Dog Playing "Pie Face"
Hank The Dog Playing "Pie Face" (2020 WDIV)

Hank recently starred in another segment about playing board games with your pets. This time, the fame must have gotten to his head because he was a DIVA!!! He must have realized that his fans wanted to see him because he demands were out of control: film my right side, the good side. Treats must be available, no red ones, and water bowl must be above room temperature. Luckily I love him, so I caved to his performance rider. Overall the segment was great and his fan club, which includes everyone in our office, continues to grow. He was so nonchalant about it when I told him, but it was also nap time.

My boy is getting older, he‘s moving slower, but he still has the same spunk he had when I first got him. Now when he looks at me he says, “When‘s my next segment, and feed me treats." I love this boy.