I tried to walk my cat, here’s what happened! 😂

Move over Tiger King...

If you are like me, you have probably seen videos online of people trying to walk their cats. I say “trying to walk” because, as any cat owner knows, a cat will only do what they want to do. The videos are so cute and highly hilarious, and I recommend watching some if you haven’t.

I recently became a cat mom when I adopted a kitten named Zuko (He’s almost 1 now!). He was found on the streets and seems to love the outdoors. I cannot tell you what a struggle it is to get in and out of the house with him always dashing for the door. So, when I found these videos online of people walking their cats I thought it would be a fun, safe way to show him the great outdoors.

I did my research and bought the recommended tools for this foolish venture:

1) A cat harness.

2) A bungee-style leash

3) Treats to tame the wild beast (Zuko likes to think he is a ninja tiger)

Step one is to put the harness on your cat and give them a treat. You are supposed to do this regularly so they have positive associations with the harness. Once they are more used to the harness, you are supposed to attach the leash and take them outside. It’s bungee in style because cats do not want to be pulled away from what they are interested in. The leash acts as a suggestion of where you want them to go, rather than as a command, much to the pleasure of your cat.

So I did all that and took him out... If you want to see what my experience was like, watch the video above!

If you’ve tried to walk your cat, have any tips, or have cute pictures of your own mini tigers, send them my way!

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