Beat the boredom with these fun crafts!

Trista Sutter the first “Bachelorette” and mom of two has fun projects for the kids

Host Jason Carr chatted with Trista Sutter, the first “Bachelorette” and now a mom of two, about fun projects that will help you avoid hearing “I’m Bored” from the kids.

If your kids are into food, art, or fashion they’ll love these at-home activities. Froot Loops, Cheez-It, Pop Tarts or Eggos are great snacks to use for arts & crafts.

Trista recommended Froot Loop necklaces, or building Pop Tart gingerbread houses. Froot Loop necklaces are fun for young kids all the way up teenagers. Younger kids will enjoy sorting through the different color Froot Loops while older kids will enjoy creating colorful jewelry. Pop Tart gingerbread houses are made by breaking off the corner of the Pop Tarts and sticking them together with lots of icing. You can even decorate the yard with green Froot Loops and pretzels.

Watch the video for more fun projects for the kids!

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