No gym? No equipment? No problem!

Bring the gym to you with these quick at-home workouts

Just because the gym is closed doesn’t mean your workouts have to stop. Fitness expert Jody Trierweiler showcased fun workouts to do at home.

Jody says stairs are the best equipment to use. Give your thighs and legs a workout by walking up and down the stairs. Jody suggest starting with two steps at a time. Once you reach the top of the stairs jog all the way back down. For a challenge you can increase the number of steps to three at a time but hold onto a rail.

Try wall sitting while brushing your teeth. Make sure your back is pressed against a hard surface with your legs at a 90 degree angle. While brushing your teeth hold the position for two minutes. Brush the top set of teeth for one minute and the bottom set for another minute. Jody says you’ll definitely feel the burn.

Another quick workout that Jody recommends is the walking plank. Get yourself in a plank position and try to walk around your house. Turn the workout up a notch by planking faster.

Use an app or a timer to keep you on track during your workout.

To learn more about Jody’s at-home workouts click the video above.