Run out of cleaners? A lemon can be used in a squeeze

Three areas in your home that can be freshened up with one juicy lemon

Most of us are spending our time cleaning our homes to a gleaming sparkle. All of this housework means running low or even completely out of cleaning materials. There is a way to keep your cleaning schedule on track when cleansers are not readily available, and the solution is in your kitchen. One lemon, that’s right a lemon, can be used for multiple cleaning purposes. Kila Peeples shows us how.

If your microwave is cruddy, use water and juice from half a lemon to get it clean. For bathroom faucets covered in soap scum, rub a lemon on it. Garbage disposal stinky? Drop some lemons in there. You’ll be shocked how fast and effective the results are.

Watch the video above to see how it all works!

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