Food Network stars have new recipes for you to try

#WeCook up some delicious roasted tomato soup!

Sick of cooking up the same old recipes over and over again? Stars of The Food Network have started a new initiative called #WeCook. Tati Amare spoke to Jeff Mauro, co-host of “The Kitchen,” all about it.

He, along with other celebrity chefs like Valerie Bertinelli, Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay, Robert Irvine, and more are all participating in this initiative by sharing recipes they are cooking up at home. Since there is such a range of chefs and style, the recipes don’t get boring.

Besides the recipes, they are also sharing fun challenges, doing live Q&As, cooking demonstrations, and more. This is all done on social media, with the celebrity chefs inviting viewers into their home kitchens. Fans are encouraged to participate by using #WeCook. All your favorite shows are each doing their own special thing on the Food Network’s Facebook page.

You can always still watch “The Kitchen” on the Food Network as well. Jeff shared that he, as well as his other co-hosts, are still filming fresh content from their homes.

So what is Jeff cooking up at home? He shared his recipe for a Roasted Tomato Bisque Soup.

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