Here’s a way you can still shop local while staying at home

Shop local through social media!

Just because we are all staying at home doesn’t mean that we don’t still have shopping to do, whether it is for ourselves or the people in our lives. Graduation season, birthdays, Mother’s Day, and the like, are all still happening. Now, more than ever, stores are working on ways to give you a personal shopping experience, even though you’re not able to be in the store in person. Sarah Stobbe, Co-owner of Bella Mia, a women’s boutique in Plymouth has come up with innovative ways to help shoppers shop.

Instagram is now being used for more than just posting pretty pics, Stobbe is using the platform to help her customers shop. Using the “stories” function, she shares new products, and will try on the clothes so her customers can see how they fit, mix, and match. You can also chat directly with her through Instagram’s DM system.

Currently, Stobbe says, one-size-fits-all or sizeless pieces are selling really well.

Small businesses, like Bella Mia, have had to pivot to more online resources and really up their tech game. Stobbe says she thinks her online business is something she will continue to grow, even as brick and mortar stores open back up.

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