See iconic movie items on the new show Prop Culture

Classic movie props are the star of this new show

When you think of movies, what comes come to mind? The actors who starred in them? The places where they were filmed? When you think a little harder, do you remember the iconic props you saw on the screen? Like Indiana Jones’ whip, Darth Vader’s mask? Ever wonder what happened to those props? A new show on Disney+ called Prop Culture is reuniting actors with some of their well-known props and costumes.

Jason Carr spoke to the host of the show, Dan Lanigan, about what cool props viewers can expect to see and the superstars that helped make them famous. Dan will go into the Disney vault and bring back some items you haven’t seen in years!

Dan also discussed his personal collection. Some of the props he has are from movies and shows like Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Life of Pi, and Coraline.

Watch the video about to see which props Dan says will be featured in the show.