‘Spin City’ actor Richard Kind talks his next act

Actor talks about his new movie “The Bellmen”

Interview with Richard Kind on Live in the D

When you have starred in sitcoms like Spin City and Mad About You, and Academy Award-winning movies like Argo, it might be hard to pick a top moment in your career, but that’s what actor Richard Kind tried to do when he talked to Jason Carr. The actor has a new project out called The Bellmen. It’s a comedy about an Arizona resort. In the movie Kind plays the hotel owner who gets some help from the bellmen to save his hotel.

The film won the Budd Abbott Best Comedy Feature at the Garden State Film Festival and opened in 14 theaters for a two week virtual run. Now it is coming out on video on demand on May 8th.

Click on the video above to see what Richard Kind said about his new film, and see what he had to say about voicing the character “Bing Bong”, in one of Jason’s favorite Pixar movies Inside Out.

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