This fun activity takes flight right in your own backyard

Find which popular Michigan birds visit your home in the spring

We hear them greet us in the morning with their chirps and tweeting; the birds in our area let us know that spring is in the air. Did you know that there are 450 birds in Michigan and many of them visit our backyards? We’ve all seen the state bird, American Robins, from time to time, but what about the other ones? Kila Peeples looked up the popular birds in the area, made a grid, and took some time to look for the ones that soar the air near her home.

Not only do Robins come by, but also Blue Jays, Sparrows and Doves. It’s a great family activity to do on a beautiful day. Click here for the backyard bird watching checklist

Watch the video above to see all the birds she found.

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