Everyone is looking up what on Google?!

From fitness to chicken coops, people are searching everything on the Internet

With people staying indoors more, the searches on Google and the Internet have been surging, and interesting. Molly VandenBerg from Google spoke to Jason Carr about the top trending topics people are looking up on Google day to day.

She said there are traditional searches that have increased, like at-home workouts. Other topics that are not the norm have increased as well like at-home chicken coops, due to people purchasing chickens to harvest their own eggs.

With kids being home, educational website searches are big, especially for mathematics. Molly also said “how-to” questions have increased because people are trying to be more practical in their purchases and what they can just fix or make at home. One DIY search that intrigued her was an increase in the search for how to make at-home eyebrow wax.

Watch the video above to see what tasty dish everyone is trying to learn to make.