Here’s how to reduce your anxiety during this stressful time

Easterseals Michigan suggests different ways to keep your mental wellness in balance

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Host Tati Amare spoke with Dr. Jeffrey Guina, the Chief Medical Officer of Easterseals Michigan and the Psychiatry Residency Director for Beaumont Hospital, about different ways to keep your mental wellness in balance.

Dr. Guina said “The best way to take care of your mental health is to start with your physical health. Sleep is vital to your health.” He suggests using tools to make yourself comfortable when you sleep like a big pillow or an eye mask. For kids, he suggests that they get a good nights rest, exercise, eat healthy and stay hydrated to reduce their stress and anxiety during this time.

Dr. Guina also talked about loneliness and how you should continue to use your devices to connect with others. You can try using voice messages instead of texting so you can still hear the other person. Dr. Guina says that staying in contact with loved ones can reduce loneliness and stress.

You can take a free mental health screening from home and see other programs that can help you and your loved ones when you visit easterseals.com/michigan.

Watch the video to learn more ways to reduce your anxiety and stress.

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