Need something new to stream this weekend?

A former First Lady and the King of Comedy have new releases

Click on the home theater and kick back this Mother’s Day weekend watching new, and old, films. Movie reviewer Greg Russell spoke to Jason Carr about these movies out now on Netflix.

Greg kicked off his list with Jerry Seinfeld’s new stand-up Netflix special 23 Hours to Kill. It’s Seinfeld’s 2nd special for the streaming company. He spoke to the comedian about the hour-long special and his ode to actor Tom Cruise by jumping off the side of a helicopter at the beginning of the movie. Greg says this is Seinfeld at his best, providing laughter when we need it the most. He gave it four reels our of five reels.

Next Greg talked about Becoming, the documentary that follows former First Lady Michelle Obama as she tours the country promoting her book of the same title. He said it is a great movie of empowerment for young women. It gives a look inside her life growing up and “becoming” an attorney, a wife to President Barack Obama, and the lady of the White House. Greg gives it four reels out of five.

Greg also gave a list of his favorite Rom-Com moves to discover or re-watch this weekend. The list includes what he calls the quintessential romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, You Got Mail which also stars Meg Ryan. He capped off the list with a favorite movie for many of the Live In The D crew, Defending Your Life starring Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep.

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