3 ways you can groom your pets at home

Common household items can help you care for your pets

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We all need a little sprucing up , even our pets. Although we can’t always get them to the groomer, there are ways we can help them freshen up with items found around the house. For instance, Kila Peeples has a dog named Hank who was sprayed directly in the face by a skunk a few years ago. She found the best way to get the strong stench off of him was a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish washing liquid. After a couple of good washings, Hank was virtually skunk scent free.

When it comes to her pet cat, Kila uses cornstarch to untangle stubborn matted fur. She puts a small amount of it on her finger, pats the mat so to absorb the oils. She then gently works the mat between her fingers. Once loosened, she combs it out. At least until her cat lets her know she was done.

Watch the video above to see if Hank let Kila trim his nails via the peanut butter trick.

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