This cake shop is mixing up a new way to enjoy their treats!

Sweet Heather Anne baking kits supply ingredients so you can decorate sweets like a pro at home

Ann Arbor – Being at home more has inspired many to pursue culinary adventures, especially when it comes to Baked Goods. We’ve gone from “Boredom Baking” to creating what’s now being called “Quarantine Creations!” Now it’s time to take it up a notch, and the professionals will even provide you with the ingredients, like Sweet Heather Anne in Ann Arbor.

Heather Anne Leavit, the owner of Sweet Heather Anne, joined Tati Amare over Skype to discuss their new offerings to customers. This boutique cake shop specializes in making beautiful, elaborate cakes for special events, and has now turned to making more quarantine-friendly treats. They offer baking kits to make their decorative cookies which includes everything you need - cookies, icing, sprinkles, and more. Right now, their galaxy-themed decorating kits are quite popular.

This change-up in business has been going quite well for Sweet Heather Anne thanks to Instagram. The social media platform is allowing them to stay in touch with their customers and update them on their new offerings. Their catchy tutorial videos are bringing in a lot of new orders for their kits. They’ve also started a newsletter as well to keep their community informed.

Another new creation they have is the Doodle Cake. This plain white frosted cake comes with a set of food-safe markers, which allows you to use the cake as your canvas for your next masterpiece. It’s a great project for kids to do or a lovely gift you can deliver to a loved one.

If you are interested in any of these new treats, check out Sweet Heather Anne’s online shop. Sweet Heather Anne is located at 920 N Main St. in Ann Arbor, MI.

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