Daveed Diggs is ice cold in ‘Snowpiercer’

From historic president to futuristic detective, Diggs talks about his new show

Take a Tony and Grammy Award-winner from the groundbreaking musical “Hamiliton”, put him along side an Oscar winner from the Best Picture drama “A Beautiful Mind”, and you get a powerhouse duo leading the way on a new television show. Daveed Diggs stars in “Snowpiercer”, a post-apocalyptic thriller set in an ice age that has wiped out most of humanity. Diggs spoke to Jason Carr about the new show and his experience working alongside Jennifer Connelly

Diggs said he couldn’t reveal too much, but he said his character is someone who is working hard to make a better life for himself and other people that are trying to survive. He said the show explores many aspects of the popular graphic novel and movie before it.

Diggs also commented on his time as one of the “fore fathers” of “Hamiliton” saying the musical was an amazing experience,

Watch the video above to hear how he enjoyed working with Connelly.