NBC’s ‘Blindspot’ will leave you on the edge of your seat

This final season is jam packed with action

Blindspot on Live in the D

Host Jason Carr chatted with Ashely Johnson (Patterson) and Audrey Esparza (Tasha Zapata) from the series Blindspot about what viewers can expect for season 5.

Audrey explained that viewers will be left “breathless." The seasons are usually 22 episodes long, but season 5 is only 11 episodes, so an action packed season should be expected. Ashley says there are “a lot of twists and turns” in the show, but the cast is happy to be a part of the wild ride.

Ashley also gave a shout out to Detroit and her hometown of Franklin. Ashely said she specifically misses the Franklin Cider Mill.

You can catch up on past episodes on NBC and Hulu. The final episodes of Blindspot air Thursdays at 9pm on Local 4.

Watch the video to find out what you can look forward to seeing this season.

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