Expert advice on taking professional looking family portraits at home

Local photographer shares how you can take great looking pictures of your family.

Local photographer helps you with your at home portraits
Local photographer helps you with your at home portraits

Even though at times it may feel like time is standing still, those of us with kids know it really hasn’t. Births, birthdays, graduations and weddings are all moments we like to capture on film, especially by a professional photographer. However with the stay at home order, working with a photographer isn’t possible.

That is where Brittany Bennion of Brittany Bennion Photography steps in. She has a created an online course that will teach you how to take professional quality pictures in your own home without inviting anyone else in. Brittany joined Jason Carr via Skype to tell him all about her course and how easy it is to accomplish, no fancy camera or equipment needed.

To see Brittany’s top pointers of getting professional looking photos, watch the video above.

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