Your mirror is your best friend when it comes to haircuts

Jon Jordan has tricks to help you style the back of your hair

Mirrors are essential for your haircut, but not just for seeing yourself afterwards.

Host Jason Carr chatted with Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan about using different types of mirrors to cut the back of your hair more efficiently, and get the look your looking for.

Mirrors make it easier to see the back of your head but things can get awkward when holding a mirror in one hand and clippers in the other. Jon suggest using a standing mirror or a suction cup mirror that can hold itself so you have a free hand while cutting.

Another essential when using your mirror is good lighting. It’s best to use a LED light connected to a mirror for the best results. Jon also recommended that when using a mirror it’s important to not hold the mirror to close because it will distort your vision.

Watch the video to see more tricks for cutting your hair at home.

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