Bring art to your home with new virtual local art show

Habatat Galleries shatters expectations with new virtual glass art show.

The recent pandemic has forced many events to reschedule or outright cancel but there are few who have been able to go virtual. That is the case with the Annual Glass Show at Habatat Gallery in Royal Oak.

Aaron Schey from Habatat Galleries joined Tati Amare to talk about this new version of the annual show.

For this year’s virtual show, art fans can expect all kinds of glass art, from fun affordable pieces like a glass replica of a hamburger, to bigger more intricate and abstract works. There is even a glass sculpture of New York Yankee’s cap! These sculptors are able to create these amazing pieces, which are full of color and detailed design, through years of expertise in their craft.

While it may seem daunting to make such a big event go virtual, Schey says they were able to do it because their website already existed. Their challenge was making their website more interactive. To accomplish this feat, Schey asked participating artist to submit personal videos and photos about their work, and they delivered! On Habatat’s website are videos, studio tours, and art explanations from each artist that give a glimpse into their professional and personal lives. These videos are accessible alongside their current pieces in Habatat’s show. The show is currently up now on Habatat’s website and is accessible at any time.

To get a look at what kind of art you can expect, click on the video above.

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