Add some magic to your video calls

ZoomBallyHoo adds some fun via zoom

By now it is likely that you have done what may feel like a million video calls. While it is always fun to chat with family and friends, sometimes these calls can get monotonous. There is a new company who wants to add the magic back to your calls. It is called ZoomBallyHoo and they do exactly that, magic, plus other forms of entertainment via Zoom.

Matt Marberry, joined Jason to discuss the fun he brings to video chats. The company hires the best performers, people have worked for Barnum and Bailey, Universal Studios, Disney, etc., to perform acts via video chat.

These acts range from magic shows to clown shows to trivia nights. People mainly hire ZoomBallyHoo to perform for birthday parties and corporate events, but Matt says they can do a little bit everything.

Matt is a magician himself and he gave us sneak peak of a trick he would typically perform.

Check it out in the video above and be prepared to be amazed and laugh.

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