It’s all about politics and superpowers in this weekend’s new movies

Jamie Foxx is back in a new movie on Netflix.

The weekend is here and it’s the perfect time to get comfortable on the couch because AN Academy Award-winning actor has a new movie out on Netflix. Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined Jason Carr via Skype to discuss Jamie Foxx’s new film “Project Power.” In the film, Foxx co-stars with Joseph Gordon Levitt. The movie follows the pair as they work to discover an undercover world where a pill can give people superpowers. Greg Russell says the film is a fun action flick and he brought a sneak peak of the film which you can see in the video above. Russell gave the movie four reels out of five.

If you are looking for something a little more serious, Greg says there is a new political film out this weekend that delves into the true story of a boys’camp in Texas that teaches them about politics. It is called “Boy State” and it is out now in Apple TV+. The camp portrayed in the film was based on the camp actually attended by President Clinton and President Bush. According to Greg, the movie won’t change about politics, but it will give you insight at the political process. Russell also gave this movie four reels out of five.

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