Boost your student’s learning with style

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan has the style ideas that will make a difference this year

Back to school style on Live in the D
Back to school style on Live in the D

Back to School is a lot different this year for many families, especially for those who have students who will be learning online. But, there is one tradition Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan says we should still honor and that’s Back to School fashion. He joined Kim DeGiulio live to talk about how style can benefit students this year.

When it comes to Back to School style, Jon is not simply talking about clothes. Jon recommends creating designated spaces for kids who are doing virtually learning and decorating those spaces with small items that fit the student’s personality. Think of it at their interior design style. These items don’t have to be expensive, simple leaves and fruit could brighten up a space. Jon believes this will create an organized space for your child, which will help them get less distracted and be more focused on learning.

On that same note, Jon also recommends getting a new backpack this year, like you would in any other year. He says this will give students a designated space to put all their schoolwork.

Besides spaces and backpacks, Jon does have clothing style ideas for your student. Check them out in the video above.

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